Online poker is a game of thrones where the players are fighting and overthrowing other player in front of their laptop or mobile screens instead of at the battle field. There are many banners or opponents and only a superior leader will make it to the top. Poker players consider the strategies of  how to play the game and in this process ignore the ways in which their bankroll affects their game. Knowing your opponent’s playing style in accordance to their bankroll can sometimes help you in determining the correct play against the opponent. Here are some of the types of poker players:

  1. Petyr Baelish



” Money buys a man’s silence for a time, A bolt in the heart buys it forever”

He is a mix of charm and chilling indifference. This player has set aside a certain amount of cash that he is willing to lose in the card room. He is a smart player and thinks of this future moves well in advance. He is a true recreational gambler and is here to gamble in the purest sense. Likely to call you down with weak holdings and plays fast and loose when losing or winning, but even faster and looser when winning.


  1. Tywin Lannister



“A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of sheep”

Even though this player has an unlimited bankroll, he is usually retired and is looking for  the best time to attack his enemies. Being a high roller he is frequently found in high stakes game and losing or winning money has very minimal effect on him. These type of players are always in the attempt to challenge others and use their bankroll to push other players off a hand.


  1. Jon Snow



“Night gathers and now my watch begins”

A quiet, mysterious and forceful player who knows where he stands. This player is skilled and has a great deal of experience at the table. He believes in keeping their enemies close and strategizes accordingly. Even the wildlings support such a player. He is a gentleman gambler and a tough opponent and is usually found playing good starting hands. This player does not like to lose to weak hands and comes back with a stronger game.


  1. Arya Stark



“I don’t need savings”

This player is a naive as well as a virtuous player at a low limit game but is playing at a limit where even one loss will add a serious dent on his bankroll. He is lost in the game and has lost everything in the game yet nothing stops him from taking his vengeance. He is often found in a higher limit game with one or two high rollers in the game. He is a weak tight but has a potential to be a good player and a man with no face.


  1. Stannis Baratheon



“I will not be a page in someone else’s history book”

He knows that the crown of the seven kingdoms belongs to him and financial considerations are a least of his worry to get what he deserves. He is a solid player and plays optimally to his skill level if not on tilt.


  1. Daenarys Targaryen



“Will do what queens do, I will rule”

This player takes the game seriously, and believes that she should “work her way up” to conquer the game. Is the queen of the game, powerful and benevolent player who rules every game and quickly responds to any threat. This player is emotionally affected by any loss.  Being the Khaleesi of the game, this player has a significantly high win rate and any financial misplacing may lead to a downfall in this rate.


Well, Valar Morghulis, “all men must die”, but only after a good game of  poker!