What is the sky like during the day? Why can’t I do what others do? Why doesn’t this man leave me alone? He has been here for almost four hours now! All these thoughts rattle my mind every day.

It’s half past one and the casino is lit up as if it’s Diwali. Is it Diwali? I am not sure. I have never been outside this Casino to actually notice a festival or even the daylight for that matter. This casino is my home and I have been built in such a way that I serve every customer with the entertainment and delight that they expect and look for, in here.

Why hasn’t Mr. Talwar come yet? He usually comes by twelve every Saturday! Mr. Arvind Talwar is a regular customer of our casino,” The Star Casino”. He is an industrialist who has got a great interest in blackjack and poker. He is not an addict,he just plays for an hour and he is my favourite because he always cares for me. He believes, I am his lucky charm.

As Mr. Talwar hasn’t arrived till now,his seat has been occupied by Mr. Patil who is also a regular customer here. He doesn’t come here to play but to look for investors for another one of his unsuccessful ventures. Right now, he is trying to persuade Miss Pamela who is seated next to him. She has inherited half of the hotel industry of Goa. Mr. Patil is aware of that and is trying to sway her into his unprofitable business.

But I am not worried about them, I am worried about this man who is sitting next to Ajay, the dealer. He is a new player and has lost more than Rs. 5 Lakhs in an hour. He is so nervous about his hand, that his shirt is completely drenched with sweat. He looks very depressed about something that’s making him unable to concentrate on the game.

Oh! Mr. Talwar is here! His affection for me makes me forget everything about my unpleasant day. Only he understands what it feels to be presentable at all times by wearing this vacuumed green felt. He calls me an Angel and always tips Ajay to get me cleaned.

No one ever notices the oil and whisky stains on my felt except Mr. Talwar. They just use me to earn their money. The exception arises when they lose, then they do notice me but only to hit me or kick me out of disappointment before leaving. I am an Angel to one but just an ordinary poker table to others. The Talwars and the Patils of the world will come and go, but I will still be here, in the same spot at the Star Casino, watching them, entertaining them, tolerating them.