“If you are good at something, never do it for free”

The best way to win a game of online rummy is by applying these tricks:-

  • High cards are usually removed in the first few moves. In order to trick your opponents, discard the high cards later and get an advantage to pick the cards thrown by your opponents.
  • Keep re-arranging your cards, arranging them in alternate colours, red and black to avoid confusion. Constantly re-arranging your cards will make you aware about the other possible sequences and the best melds.
  • Be attentive of the cards discarded by your immediate opponent to make sure that you do not give away any card that could be advantageous to him.
  • Discard all the cards that are not useful to make any of your sequences. And, discard those cards which carry high points so that even if you lose you have reduced your points by removing these higher cards like aces and face cards.


Be the ultimate rummy player and make the best use of the joker in you!