Tilt is the term used in poker which refers to the state of mind of an individual, where a player is emotionally confused that results in outbreaks of anger and frustration.
This happens when a player doesn’t strategize his play appropriately and ends up losing all his money by becoming over-aggressive. Tilt is often confused with the word “steam” that typically carries the meaning of ‘more animosity and anxiety’.
Dealing with an opponent on tilt is an important demeanour of poker.

Tilt occurs when a player becomes a victim of a bad beat or multiple bad beats or gets defeated in public ignominiously. Bad behavior of opponent players, like excessive aggressiveness, getting drunk or poor etiquette can also be a cause for tilt.

There’s no poker player who can say they’ve never been on tilt. Every poker player has to go through this phase with a calm mind to be successful at the end. Remember, failure is the stepping stone of success. Just keep that in mind!

Tips to avoid Tilt:-

  1. Stop Playing when you realize that you’re on tilt. This is the simplest step to avoid losing.
  2. Always try to maintain a cool head while playing poker.
  3. Identify and learn to balance your emotions in the right scale.
  4. Don’t get distracted by other players or by your surrounding.
  5. Stay in the reality. You won’t lose anything much when you stop playing a game because you’re losing rather than losing everything in the end due to your emotional outbreak.
  6. Take a break when you feel it is necessary. Refocus your energy during the break
  7. Don’t entertain your opponents by chatting with them and letting them throw offensive comments at you.
  8. During the break, never discuss about your “bad beat” game or your opponent. This is gonna piss you more.
  9. Understand the math, probability and psychology of poker before starting a game.


Remember the saying by Amarillo Slim, “Nobody is always a winner, and anybody who says he is, is either a liar or doesn’t play poker.”