This is not going to be a class in history. I’m not going to talk about great kings or how they captured and expanded their kingdoms, rather I’m going to talk about the Kings of the Playing Cards.

Ever wondered if those pictures on the cards have some history about them?
Sounds mysterious, huh? Read on.

The King is the highest ranking face card among all other cards. The four kings in the deck of 52 cards are based on real rulers.

King of Clubs: The Brutal, Alexander, the Great.
King of Diamonds
: The Wealthy, Julius Caesar.
King of Spades: Strong but kind, David of Israel.
King of Hearts: Emotionally Disturbed, Charles VII of France.

The King of Clubs, Alexander III of Macedon, commonly known as Alexander, the Great was a member of the Argead Dynasty. Despite being outnumbered many times, he never lost a battle. He’s the one with great power but is oblivious to his power. He always seemed cheerful externally but internally he was very reserved. It is said that he had a natural affinity for the Queen of Diamonds.

The King of Diamonds, Gaius Julius Caesar was the dictator of the Roman Empire. He is also known as the king of dices. He appears on the card with only a single eye visible which makes him different from the other Kings.

The King of Spades, David of Israel was the King of the United Kingdom of Israel and Judah. He is viewed as a righteous man and an effective king in War and Jurisdiction. He’s known as a man after God’s own heart. He was intelligent and authoritative in judgment and wasn’t easy to get along with.

The King of Hearts, Charles VII of France was commonly known as the Suicide King. He’s the only one of the four Kings who was actually alive to witness the day his face was being printed on a playing card. That explains why he acted different from the other kings. He was emotionally disturbed and was considered insane by his physician. He believed that he, being the King in the thirteenth card brought him bad luck and he rammed his sword through his head. And this last factoid we’re assuming most of you already know, he was the only King without a mustache.