In this era where women are walking shoulder to shoulder with men, breaking the shutter of inequality, defying all odds whilst still being able to manage their own chores, then
why the discrimination at the poker table?
Why are women forced to adhere to the societal norms of so-called “women like behavior”?
Why does there have to be a difference between a man and a woman on a poker table?
What’s so preposterous about the notion of strong, intelligent, experienced female players? This is for all the chauvinistic men who play poker, just to give them a taste of what they might be in for if they ever find themselves on a table against a woman poker pro.

One of the most successful poker players ever is none other than Vanessa Selbst, as anybody even remotely intrigued by the world of poker would tell you. An American professional player who won tournaments such as Partouche Poker Tour Events, 2 NAPT

Main Events and, of course, 2 glittering World Series of Poker bracelets.
Jennifer Harman, who has been the recipient of two kidney transplants, became the first female player to win 2 World Series of Poker Gold Bracelets.

In the male dominated fields of Poker where women players are looked down as alien objects of curiosity are often considered too emotional for the game. On an approximation, it is seen that only 5% of total poker players are women.

Men use their implied dominance of their gender to try bluffs on female players. Jennifer Tilly, a Canadian American Actress and a poker player who has won the World Series of Poker Ladies Event mentions in her blog “If you’re playing at the poker table and an ace comes on the flop bet it, because men always think women have aces or at least an ace in their hand”.

Cate Hall, a very well known and famous poker player, left a legal career and threw her degrees away to play cash games and now tournament poker with a serious message about altruism and sexism. She recalls from her experiences in her blog about how a man asked her this perverted question, “What does a women like you do when not playing poker?”; how a man grabbed her arm despite her swift recoil only to get her attention; how a big big guy holding beer in his hand pressed his sweaty palms into hers for no apparent reason.

Many Chauvinistic men keep chanting that most women at the poker table wear low cut tops or revealing outfits for their advantage to distract their male counterparts.
Go figure. How incredibly unreasonable can you get!

The most important determinant of success as a professional poker player is Discipline, and that should be all that matters.

If the Poker Community wants more female player participation, then they must start paying attention to the problems faced by the current female players and make attempts to solve it.

Women- Don’t ever underestimate yourself and never think that you have to adapt a male charisma to play poker. Play in the clothes that make you comfortable and play to win, to show them what you’ve got. Your confidence will eventually turn into your Power, and your Power into Success.

Women have finally “arrived”, so to speak, in the poker universe, and it is more than likely that the Phil Iveys, Tom Dwans and Jason Merciers of the future will be women.