Poker, nowadays, is no less than a war where only the strongest players can come out on top. But we aren’t talking about brute strength here, which by the way, the Avengers have in abundance. We’re talking about mental strength. The Poker Avengers have teamed up and are making plans and strategies to defeat Loki in Poker. Let’s see what they have to offer:-



Iron Man is the most experienced and hardest to beat out of all other Avengers. He is good at reading people at the poker table. They pay least attention to the amateurs knowing that they will defeat them in a click, and put greatest attention on the complex personalities. They will never hesitate to go after the aggressive players at the table. This is one case in the game of poker where brain actually meets brawn.



Thor is a relatively good poker player, who is not yet an expert at reading his opponents. He focuses mainly on technique and etiquette. While he is very strategic, he does, however, know how to be aggressive. He is like the player on whom the entire table can rely on, because you can always count on him to keep the action rolling.



Hulk comes from little experience, but can cause a lot of trouble at an amateur table. He is naturally gifted at reading other people, and can read most players with the greatest of ease. He pays attention to the smallest of signals that players unknowingly provide, such as pinching their left ear before a bluff, or sniffing their nose when they receive a favorable card. He can be of good use at the poker table.



Captain America is a clever player that relies on the fact of being perceived as a bad player so he can be taken off the strike of other players. Once off the strike he makes himself busy, learning everyone’s personalities. Then, when the time is right he suddenly turns to commence to clean out everyone, claiming his good fortune as nothing more than passing luck.



Black Widow has been blessed with pure Luck. No matter how hard you try to strategize against her, the more she seems to come out on top.. No matter which school of thought you happen to come from, if you ever run into one of these folks at a table it is often best to accept your losses and get up and go while your hand is still good!



Nothing seems to faze Loki, and he is very skilled at hiding his emotions. He is very dangerous because he is difficult to place in a category, so you never really know what you are going to get. As the old saying goes, sometimes it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for, and many experienced poker players have found this out the hard way.