The clash between Kimi Raikkonen and Max Verstappen towards the end of the Hungarian Grand Prix jazzed up everyone. Their paths have crossed several times this season at the end of races, including Spain and Austria.  In Hungary, things took on a different route as Kimi Raikkonen felt that Max Verstappen was out of his line for moving twice to defend, which was illegal as per standard regulations.

Kimi Raikkonen has called on Formula 1 to review the way rules are implemented during races, after his battle with Max Verstappen in Hungary. Raikkonen turned in an impressive drive in Hungary, fighting back from 14th to the top 6. However, he spent much of his final stretch bottled up behind Verstappen, who sternly defended on a number of occasions, including one incident at Turn 2 which saw Raikkonen lose a front wing endplate when he touched the Red Bull.

When Sebastian Vettel was asked about what he thought about this incident, he defended the Red Bull driver’s aggression and said too many penalties has made F1 easy to criticise from the outside. For the final 15 laps of the Budapest event, Raikkonen attacked Verstappen mainly at the Hungaroring’s two DRS zones into Turn 1 and Turn 2. On lap 57, they collided on the approach to the second corner and nearly touched again at Turn 1 a few laps later.

Sebastian Vettel, who lost his record as F1’s youngest race winner to Max Verstappen at this year’s Spanish Grand Prix, believes the teenager will mature with age. He states that Kimi is one of the most righteous drivers in the race but that’s how things go sometimes. The race is long, the season is long and he’s sure enough that they’ll meet up again at some point.