The Swedish Championship, a big chess festival with tournaments for players of all levels and ages, took place in Uppsala from 15th to 24th July. The “Mastarklassen”; Master Class and a ten player round robin event were totally dominated by a the indigenous Erik Blomqvist. Playing ultimately with three draws, he decided to put his best foot forward by winning the six remaining matches to become the Swedish Champion 2016.

When Hans Tikkanen, three times Swedish Champion played against Erik Blomqvist; all eyes were turned to them. Tikkanen, who was playing white, had a good start and threw in the gauntlet by sacrificing a pawn for the initiative, but who knew what Erik had in mind. He defended well, making white lose track as he took control over the board, piece by piece.

Pre tournament favourite, Nils Grandelius, who won three out of four matches played well, but lost his pace soon enough, thus allowing Erik Blomqvist and Jonathan Westerberg to capitalize. It’s no secret that Jonathan is a great talent, he came third and he will be given further chances to exhibit his skills, in the Olympiad 2016 in Baku.

The new Swedish Champion, Erik Blomqvist, is a crisp player and played his A-game throughout the tournament. The 23 year old Erik Blomqvist enjoys having tight position matches. He takes good care of his pieces and pawns and keeps an eye on every material. He echoes Captain Jack Sparrow’s sentiments from “Pirates of the Caribbean”; “Take all you can, Give nothing back”.