In the age of social media, if you are an influential person with a reasonable amount of followers, you have to think twice before posting anything online. That’s rule no. 1 of being famous in India. Tanmay Bhat broke it a couple of months back and had to go into virtual hiding for a little over 2 weeks, owing to the numerous death threats he received for his disrespectful digs at Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar. Shobhaa De, the latest victim of the Indian population’s wrath, fell to the same lack of foresight yesterday when she took on the entire artillery of Indian athletes head-on by accusing them of not being diligent enough on Twitter, calling them a ‘waste of money and opportunity’.

Her tweet immediately drew a lot of attention, resulting in a lot of hate comments against her for exhibiting disrespect towards her fellow countrymen, who spend entire days and nights to get that one shot at the world stage. A lot of big names from the Indian sports fraternity, including Abhinav Bindra, Somdev Devvarman, Mahesh Bhupathi, to name a few, spoke out against her, with the former taking a subtle dig at her by tweeting, “that’s a tad unfair. You should be proud of your athletes perusing human excellence against the whole world.” (sic)

Shobhaa De has had an arguably controversial run on Twitter so far, with her occasional bewildering opinions on, well, everything. While this is not the first time that one of her tweets landed her in trouble, it still is bound to leave a bad taste in her mouth.