Phelps continued his excellent run at the Olympics by bagging his 21st Olympic Gold Medal of all time. If that statistic alone doesn’t intrigue you enough, then this will surely catch your fancy, the swimming machine now has more Olympic gold medals than 170 countries. We’re talking about entire nations here, which rightfully earns him the tag of being the most successful Olympic athlete of all time. Phelps already had a glittering tally of 18 gold medals prior to Rio, and he has managed to add 3 already, including one in the 200m butterfly event where he had lost out on the top prize last time out to South Africa’s Chad Le Chos, who interestingly finished in fourth in yesterday’s event.

A jubilant Phelps exclaimed “mission accomplished” right after he saw his name next to the number one spot. It wasn’t an easy feat at all, with the Japanese Masato Sakai finishing just 4 milliseconds behind him. Phelps, who has amassed a jaw-dropping 25 medals in his Olympics career, explained how important it was for him to win gold in the 200m butterfly. He said, “I really wanted that one back, that event was kind of my bread and butter. That was the last time I’ll ever swim it. Kind of having that come to an end, it’s crazy to think about … I didn’t say anything to anyone else, but there wasn’t a shot in hell I was losing it.”

Interestingly, the time Phelps clocked in Rio was slower than his time in London, and he still managed to nick it. A win is a win, right?