In a peculiar turn of events, the International Boxing Association has threatened to disqualify the Indian boxing contingent if they don’t wear jerseys with ‘India’ written on them for their remaining bouts. Manoj Kumar was given the ultimatum after his victory against Petrauskas of Lithuania.

Sportskeeda quoted a source saying, “Manoj was told after his bout that he must wear an India jersey or the entire contingent will be banned. This was also told to the coach and administrators. We have a set of old Indian jerseys (from) before the association got banned, that will be used in Shiva’s bout today. Actually all these days our boxers weren’t allowed to participate with the country name and now they are being allowed again. We were not informed about this by AIBA either. But the situation is under control, Shiva will be fighting with the India jersey.”.

The issue has become increasingly significant now owing to the paucity of team before their next bout, having opened their accounts with resounding first round victories.