The legendary athlete Michael Phelps was beaten at his final individual race at the Olympics, the 100m butterfly, by Joseph Schooling of Singapore. Phelps, who has by far won 22 gold medals in his sport is known to be retiring after the Rio Olympics and has been an incredible performer throughout.

Schooling has brought glory to Singapore by finishing at 50.39 while Phelps came in second at 50.83. With this victory, Singapore has won its first ever Olympic gold medal in swimming. Joseph Schooling had also achieved the third place in last year’s world championships, in which Phelps did not participate. Schooling has also mentioned that it has been a huge honor and achievement for him to participate and win alongside Phelps, whom he used to idolize. At the point when Joseph Schooling initially met Michael Phelps, he was only 13 years of age. Neither could have known at the time that the same young man would clash with his idol in the pool years after the fact, beating him to win the gold- and prize money of $750,000.