At a meeting of the Council of Ministers on Friday, PM Narendra Modi announced the formation of a task force, with the specific objective of coming up with a road map for the next three editions of the Summer Olympics. He said the task force would prepare an exhaustive action plan for efficient participation of Indian athletes in the next three Games.

The objective of the task force would be to strategize an overhaul of the existing facilities, pick out selection norms and conceptualize proper training facilities. It would comprise of both Indian and foreign experts.

Modi has time and again spoken about the need to link sports with the country’s education system. During a speech in Ferguson College in Pune in 2013, the then Gujarat CM had said, “During Olympics, people often say despite its huge size, we don’t get medals. Have we linked sports with our education system? Did we give enough opportunity to our youth? Believe me if you give our defence forces this responsibility and match the potential of the new recruits in the interested sports and then train them properly, we will earn 5-7 medals even without much efforts. It requires vision!”

To further reiterate his involvement and concern for India’s performance in sports, he tweeted, “India is phenomenally proud of all our athletes in Rio & their hard work that got them there. Victory & setbacks are all a part of life.” He also went ahead and tried to motivate all the Indian athletes competing in Rio 2016 by tweeting, “I urge all athletes who have their games remaining to give their best & play with determination, not get burdened by what the result will be. The endurance, determination & dedication of every Indian athlete who is in Rio makes us very proud. They are India’s pride,”

If the task force goes as per plan, it could potentially turn out to be a hugely fruitful endeavour for India’s presence in sports worldwide.