In an unexpected turn of events, Indian wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt’s Bronze medal from the London Olympics of 2012 has been retrospectively upgraded to Silver. The prolific wrestler confirmed the same via his official Twitter account, dedicating his Silver from 2012 to the Indian population. Besik Kudukhov, the Russian wrestler who was the original recipient of the medal in 2012, was stripped of it after his sample tested positive for a doping test conducted by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Yogeshwar Dutt, however, maintained a solemn stance towards the news, as he said, “Don’t know whether to feel happy or sad about this news, the Russian wrestler who won silver is dead now. I have never thought of such things, to get benefits out of someone’s misery. But I have been told of the reports of him failing the dope test. But it has not been made official yet. London was four years ago, it is my past. Now I’ve been told my medal will become silver. It doesn’t change much for me. It will be some good news for my supporters, fans of wrestling and the country who were all disappointed by my loss in Rio this time. Even I was very disappointed, you work hard for years and then you fail to perform when it matters.”

The Russian wrestler had tragically passed away in a motor accident on a federal highway in southern Russia between Krasnodar Krai and Vladikavkaz on 29th December, 2013. A four-time world champion and Olympic medalist, Kudukhov was considered to be one of the most promising names in the wrestling fraternity across the globe. He is survived by his wife and kid.